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I am currently offering custom Personal Sketch Cards! I'll draw any character you want: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, superheroes -- the possibilities are endless. My only guideline is to keep it simple. Headshots are the way to go, and only one character per card.

Each one is standard trading card size and will fit into any sleeve or collecting case. I draw them freehand with pencil and black ink (the pencils get erased), and then color them with Prismacolor markers if you choose to have them colored. To see some samples, scroll down on that left-hand art gallery or else scroll down on this page.

There's no extra charge for shipping, and, yes, I'll mail them anywhere in the world. And I'll put your card(s) in a protective plastic sleeve, so you don't have to worry about the mailman banging it up.

Note: Color markers do occasionally bleed through to the back of the card, but trust me, it's a small sacrifice - the art on the front of the card looks much better. Originally I had a thicker stock, but it was much more difficult to draw on, and ultimately the art is more important than how glossy the back of the card is.

You can order via PayPal (I've provided a link to buttons, or you can go directly to You also have the option of sending me a personal check or money order. Sorry, NO CASH!! If you use PayPal, include your shipping address, what you'd like on your card, and any other important information. Enter this information in the "Type additional info here" section of your PayPal order. If you prefer to send a check or money order, use the snail mail address shown at the bottom of this page.

Turn-around time: you can expect to see your card(s) within a month after I receive payment. If you live outside the U.S., it may take longer, depending on the postal service.

Please keep in mind that these are NOT official Topps cards. These are Personal Sketch Cards that I printed myself. They are in no way affiliated with Topps. Do not confuse these with my Revenge of the Sith or Lord of the Rings sketch cards nor advertise them as such if you turn around and sell 'em.

B&W Personal Sketch Card ($20)
COLOR Personal Sketch Card ($30)

I've provided easy-to-use PayPal buttons for ordering sketch cards: CLICK HERE

Note: my larger sketch cards (ie. "postcard" size) aren't available right now, but e-mail me if you're interested in them. If there's enough demand, I may offer them again in the near future.

Do you have an official Grant Gould Topps REVENGE OF THE SITH or LORD OF THE RINGS sketch card that you'd like me to color? Mail the card to the address shown below (make sure you use a protective envelope so that the card won't get damaged) and a letter containing your mailing address and e-mail, as well as payment via check or money order -- I'm charging $30 per "Revenge of the Sith" card and $50 per "Lord of the Rings" card. Once it's colored, I'll be sure to mail it back to you in a secure, protective envelope. Please note that I will only color cards that were originally drawn by me -- I will not erase other artists' sketches.

Please note: I will not be drawing any Saruman cards, due to legal reasons with Christopher Lee having to approve his likeness, etc. Additionally, I won't be drawing any more One Ring cards. Being the LOTR geek that I am, I believe there should be only one Grant Gould ring card, and that's just the way it's gotta be. :)

If you have specific aftermarket questions regarding Topps cards, please send me an e-mail along with a JPEG of the card in question. If you're looking for more than a coloring job (for example, if you have a pencil sketch that you'd like me to ink and finish, or even change), send me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do for you.

If you need to send a check or money order, send to this address:
Grant Gould
1769 Lexington Ave. N. #156
Roseville, MN 55113

If you need to contact me or send a PayPal order, use this e-mail address:
grantgould @ hotmail dot com

Custom Sketch Card Samples
Colored w/ Prismacolor Markers:

If you'd like to see more Personal Sketch Card samples (dial-up users, beware!), CLICK HERE