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2/28/07: Kids' "How To Draw Asajj Ventress" Feature
Grant's latest "How To Draw" Kids Feature is now up at the official Star Wars site. Click the graphic below to check it out, or copy & paste the following URL:

2/26/07: Celebration IV Art Show
Star Wars artists will be on hand at Celebration IV to exhibit their work. Each artist has created a piece exclusive to Celebration IV and limited to a print run of only 250 pieces! Fans will have an opportunity to not only purchase these sure-to-be-rare works but to meet the artist themselves. Click the graphic for more info, and keep your eyes on, which will soon be posting an artist list as well as sneak peeks at the artwork. And, of course, if you don't have your tickets yet for Celebration IV.. now's the time! It's an event Star Wars fans won't want to miss. :)

2/16/07: Official Grant Gould eBay Store
Grant will continue to sell original artwork, sketch cards, and more in the coming months, and you'll be able to find them all at his new official eBay store! Have a look:

1/27/07: Tosche Station Interview
Grant was interviewed for Tosche Station, a Dutch Star Wars fansite. You can find the interview by clicking on "Grant Gould - Interview sectie" on the main page and then the link that says "hier." The graphic below will take you to the site:

The site for "Sasquatch" has been updated with sneak peeks and more! For those who don't know, "Sasquatch" is a massive comic book, presented by the talented Josh Howard and Viper Comics, stompin' into stores soon. Grant's one of the contributing writers/artists. Click the graphic to check it out!

1/21/07: Galactica.TV Artist Interview
Marcel Damen over at Galactica.TV interviewed Grant about his Battlestar Galactica fan art, and it's now posted on their website -- Click the graphic to check it out:

1/09/07: Grant's on DeviantART
Grant has a gallery over at DeviantART now -- Click the image to check it out:

1/03/07: Holiday LOST Project
Last month, Grant had the honor of working on a project for LOST writer & executive producer Damon Lindelof -- A group drawing of the show's Season Three writing team & producers! Click the image to read all about it:

12/09/06: Sucked into the madness of MySpace & ComicSpace
Grant has a new MySpace page and a new ComicSpace page. Click each screencap to check 'em out:

11/05/06: Grant will be a guest at Star Wars Celebration IV
The event is still many months away, but now's the time to mark your calendars and book your hotel rooms -- Celebration IV is in Los Angeles on May 24-28, 2007, and it's gonna be huge. Lucasfilm invited Grant to be an official art guest, and he'll be creating an exclusive Star Wars Celebration art print just for the show! For more official C4 info, click the graphic:

10/30/06: Lord of the Rings cards and other goodies on eBay
Topps' The Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces cards are in stores, and Grant will be selling a few of his cards on eBay (each artist is given back six cards for personal use), plus he's got some other goodies you'll wanna check out. Click here for all current auctions!

10/24/06: Jack Burton Tee Shirts is selling some butt-kickin' and name-takin' t-shirts featuring Grant's "It's All In The Reflexes" Jack Burton art! Click the graphic for links and more info:

10/18/06: Ben Templesmith's Wormwood #3
"Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse" #3 is in stores now, and it features a full-page pin up by the G-man. Click the cover image for more info:

9/24/06: LOST Prints
Grant created a collage print featuring Jack, Kate, Locke, and the rest of his favorite Lostaways. To see a bigger version and read more info on getting a print, click the pic:

9/20/06: Mutants & Masterminds - Ultimate Power
Grant created five, full-color interior illustrations for Green Ronin's new "Mutants & Masterminds: Ultimate Power" sourcebook, and it's in stores now!

9/06/06: LEGO Star Wars Feature - Return of the Jedi
The third one's up now -- Luke and Vader, from The Return of the Jedi. Click the graphic to check it out!

8/31/06: LEGO Star Wars Feature - The Empire Strikes Back
To help promote and celebrate the release of the "original version" DVDs, as well as the new LEGO Star Wars II videogame, Lucasfilm asked Grant to create three How-To-Draw LEGO features. There'll be one for each movie -- The second one's up now -- Lando and Chewie, from The Empire Strikes Back. Click the graphic to check it out!

8/23/06: LEGO Star Wars Feature - A New Hope
To help promote and celebrate the release of the "original version" DVDs, as well as the new LEGO Star Wars II videogame, Lucasfilm asked Grant to create three How-To-Draw LEGO features. There'll be one for each movie -- The first one's up now -- Han Solo and a Stormtrooper, from A New Hope. Click the graphic to check it out!

8/21/06: Children of the Grave - In stores now!
The "Children of the Grave" trade paperback (by writer Tom Waltz and artist Casey Maloney) hits store shelves this week. Not only is it a cool comic, but it also features a cover by Dan Brereton, one of Grant's favorite artists, and exclusive pin-ups by Grant and his girlfriend, the talented Jessica Hickman. So check it out!

8/19/06: The Daily Scribble
Grant was invited to join one of the internet's coolest art blogs -- The Daily Scribble! If you don't have it bookmarked already, click the banner and get it on your must-see list. Lots of great pics, lots of great artists, and new Grant art every week!

6/23/06: More Info on the Avengers Set
Rittenhouse posted some new info on their website, including a list of artists. Click the graphic:

6/22/06: So Say We All

I don't know how many of you are already familiar with Galactica Actual, one of the most popular and informative Battlestar podcasts around, but if you're a fan of the show, it's a must-listen. The podcast even features the occasional shout-out to Grant's artwork, as well as his Battlestar LiveJournal Community! So please click the banner and grab the latest download. And hey -- Grant's available for commissions, so if you want your own original BSG artwork, or even prints of the stuff he's already done, you're in the right place. :)

6/04/06: Big Changes & Current Projects
Grant has officially begun his career as a fulltime freelance illustrator, so this is an exciting month! It marks the beginning of a new chapter in his life, so he's ready to roll -- Personal Sketch Cards and Commissions are available, and Grant's currently got two huge projects in the works, including the new "Marvel Heroes: Complete Avengers" card set, which will be hitting stores in the fall (more info coming soon). So big things are coming!

5/17/06: Grant's 'Draw a Jawa' Feature for
Grant created a "How To Draw a Jawa" feature for the official Star Wars Kids website -- Click the graphic to check it out!

2/23/06: GrantGoBoom 2006 Sketchbooks Available
Grant's 2006 sketchbooks are still available. For more information, and a handy-dandy Paypal button, head on over to:

01/04/06: Artist Profile
Grant was interviewed by Lucasfilm's very own Queen of Awesome, Bonnie Burton -- Click the graphic to check it out!

12/08/05: Newsarama "Up & Coming" Interview
Newsarama's Chris Arrant interviewed Grant -- Click the graphic to check it out:

12/06/05: Interview @ Pop Thought
Alex Ness interviewed Grant and several other Star Wars artists. You can check it out over at!

12/01/05: LOTR info over at
Topps posted some official info on the card set, as well as a link to the complete list of Sketch Card Artists. Click on Viggo here to check it out:

11/26/05: Newsarama 2005 Holiday Gift Guide
Newsarama asked a bunch of creators to recommend some great holiday gift ideas -- and, hey, Grant's on the list! Click here to check it out.

10/04/05: Photoshop Coloring Tutorial
Grant threw together a quick Photoshop coloring tutorial, since a few people have asked about his techniques:

09/08/05: Revenge of the Sith Sketch Card for Hurricane Relief
Grant drew an exclusive Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Sketch Card featuring Obi-Wan and Boga. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to help Katrina's victims. The auction is now over! Thank you to everyone who placed a bid!