Prints, Art Cards & Posters available for a limited time!!

To order, please use and make sure all orders are sent to In the notes section of your Paypal order, write the code of each item that you want. For example, if you want Print #4 and Art Card #7, you write "P4, AC7."

Prints are $5 each, Art Cards are $2 each, and posters are $25. Please send one Paypal order for the total amount plus $4 shipping and handling for orders within the U.S. ($6 for orders outside of the U.S.) -- only one shipment cost is needed per order, since Prints and Art Cards can fit into the same envelopes. If you order one or more Posters, add an additional $5 for tube & extra shipping costs. Be sure your correct shipping address is attached to your Paypal order.

Please note: the artist will sign each item unless specifically told not to.


These are full-color matte prints. Artwork is sized to fit an 8.5"x11" sheet of high-quality cardstock, as seen below. $5 each plus shipping.

Art Cards

These are full-color matte prints. Artwork is sized to fit a 4"x5.5" sheet of high-quality cardstock, as seen below (approx. postcard size). Art Cards also come with protective plastic holders. $2 each plus shipping.


Posters are printed on high-quality gloss paper and are perfect for framing. The actual artwork is approximately 29" wide by 40" tall and it has a white border that can be left or trimmed as desired. $25 each plus shipping (see particulars above).

All artwork Grant Gould -- Characters their individual owners