08/23/05: Personal Sketch Card Update
I am currently not taking any new orders for personal sketch cards. I have too much on my plate this summer and I'm already falling behind on the orders I do have. However, this is only a temporary closing of shop. Keep an eye on my website & blog and I'll announce when they're available to order again. Thanks!

08/01/05: Wizard World Chicago
I'm sure anyone regularly checking my site will already know this, but I'll be in Artists Alley at the Wizard World Chicago comic convention this weekend. I believe my table number is 9084, you should be able to find me pretty easily. I'm sharing a table with Jessica Hickman and I'll be there from Thursday night to Sunday. Stop on by, say hi. I'll have predrawn sketch cards for sale, a few actual Revenge of the Sith sketch cards, and sketchbooks, so you'll be able to get your hands on some Grant goodies. I'm not sure yet if I'll be doing commissioned sketches for anyone. It's possible I may do a limited number of them for a couple of the days, but I really have to get a feel for how crazy it's gonna be first. I don't want to disappoint any fans, but at the same time this is my first big convention and I want to socialize and check the place out, so it'll be learn-as-I-go :) Hope to see you there! If you need any info on the convention, click the link -- it should have all the details for ya.

07/14/05: Free Fan Art Sketchbook
I created a second, smaller sketchbook filled with fan art sketches. It has Star Wars characters, Wolverine, Batman, Hellboy, etc. At the Chicago & Minnesota comic conventions, if you buy my 'Drekodinn Concepts' book you'll get a copy of this one FREE. Schweeet deal, eh? ;)

07/11/05: Convention Sketchbooks Available!
For those of you who won't be at either the Chicago Wizard World convention or the Minnesota FallCon (or if you just want your copy before everyone else) my fantasy sketchbook is now available online! Just click on the ad to order a copy:

06/28/05: June Update
Hi, everyone -- Thought I'd check in with an update. I've been finishing up a new convention sketchbook, which I'll be selling at the Chicago Wizard World Convention and the Minnesota FallCon. For those of you who won't be hitting the conventions, they'll be available to order online too. I've also been doing my best to keep up with personal sketch card orders, so thank you to everyone who's ordered one (or more). I'm trying to get them drawn and sent out ASAP. All in all, things are pretty busy, but I can't complain. I'll be back with more news soon! :)

05/31/05: Personal Sketch Card Gallery
I started up a personal sketch card gallery so that I can display some of the ones I've drawn for people. To check it out, just go to the "sketch cards" section of my site and you'll see the link right on that page.

05/13/05: Personal Sketch Cards Available Again!
Sorry it took so long, folks :) Head on over to the "Sketch Cards" section of my site for all the info!

04/20/05: MicroCon This Sunday!
I'll have a table at the Minnesota MicroCon this weekend -- You can get directions, times, and other details right over here :)

Check out the new website for Lucasfilm-associated artists. We've created it so that it should be a nice resource for fans who'd like to keep up on recent projects, convention appearances, and much more. Click on the banner:

04/11/05: Personal Card Redesign
My Personal Sketch Cards are temporarily unavailable -- This is because I'm redesigning the backs of the cards. They'll be available to order again soon, and you'll hear about it first right here. Thanks!

03/28/05: Card Feature at
I'm featured over at the official site!! Click here!

03/28/05: Interview
An interview I did for is now online. Check it out over here :)

03/25/05: Personal Sketch Cards
You can now order personal sketch cards from me. Check out the "Sketch Cards" section of my site for all the details.

03/24/05: Jon Nowak: Supah Staahh!!
Jon Nowak, the guy behind Uncle Forehead Filmworks along with my friend Chad Gilman, has been featured over at for the M&M's commercial he directed. Check it out!

This is very exciting to me. Not only is he a friend of mine, but I recently completed some concept art for his latest film project, so I kinda feel like part of his filmworks family now. :)

03/23/05: 'Non-Sport Update' Magazine
The new issue has an article on the Topps cards. I think this is my first official magazine mention O.O

03/21/05: Another Site Redesign
I'm still messin' around with the layout of my site. I'm HTML-challenged, so it's all about the baby steps... Anyway, I should have some info on my sketch cards up in the next few days, plus some new art, so check back soon.

And, hey, looks like got a facelift too :)

03/11/05: Trailer Screencaps
The Revenge of the Sith trailer is AWESOME!! If anyone wants to have a look, I posted a bunch of screencaps:

03/10/05: Gallery
Looks like three of my drawings are being featured over in's Episode III Fan Art Gallery :)

02/22/05: Convention Appearances
I'm pretty excited about this year's comic conventions -- I'll have personal sketch cards available, plus some new goodies for sale. As of now, I'll have tables at three of this year's shows: The MN MicroCon (April 24), Wizard World Chicago (August 5-7), and The Minnesota FallCon (October 8-9, I think). The sites don't have much in the way of info yet, but as we get closer to summer they should be updating more. I'll post any news I can along the way :)

01/25/05: GrantGoBoom
My new art blog is open:! I'll be posting all new artwork over there, so check it out.

01/23/05: Sketch Cards Completed!
I've finished the sketch cards -- Soon they'll be on their way to Topps. It feels great to be done, though I'm sure I'm gonna miss the experience. Hopefully the next time they produce something like this (if there is a next time) I'll get to do it again :)

01/12/05: First Look at the Episode III Artist Sketch Cards
I have to admit, I got a little chill when I saw my name over at the official site :) Here's the link

01/11/05: TheForce.Net's Year in Review '04
I thought it was pretty cool that I'm one of the featured artists in TheForce.Net's Star Wars fan art "Year in Review" (check it out).

01/10/05: I'm an official Lucasfilm-Approved Sketch Artist!!!
Thanks to my pal Tom Hodges, I've been offered a part-time gig with Lucasfilm and Topps creating sketchcards for the upcoming 'Revenge of the Sith' card set. This is extremely exciting for me, since, you know, I pretty much live and breathe Star Wars. As of this week I'm just getting started on the sketches, so it'll be a little while before I can show them off. But as soon as I can, I will :)