Above art by Genevieve Routhier, characters Grant Gould

I want to thank all of the amazing artists who have created guest art for me. I feel honored to have so many talented friends :)

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Celebrity Star Wars Sketchbook!)

Jessica Hickman:

For Grant Halia GDG Arm Paulus & Aimla Jess Wuv halia 1 of 4 halia 2 of 4 halia 3 of 4 halia 4 of 4 Calio Aimla Sketch Paulus Grant Pony Paulus Pony

Genevieve Routhier:

Calio Halia Aimla Paulus World of Wraith Cover Aimla Blog Sketch Aimla Blog Sketch

Clio Chiang:

Old School Wraith Aimla Sketch Satiko Sketch Aimla Sketch Art of Wraith 2 Cover

Aysha Shehim:

B&W Paulus & Aimla Color Paulus & Aimla Book 1 Cover Art of Wraith 1 Cover

Matt Goodmanson:

Halia & Aimla Paulus & Bregg Mortrog & Calio Encounter

Anton Peck:

Framed Gift Pic Dragoon Ekken Mortrog Leap of Wraith

Jacen Burrows:


Drawn by Jacen Burrows & Colored by Anton Peck:


Darla Ecklund:

Short Hair Aimla Long Hair Aimla Ekken Mortrog

Nina Edlund:

Aimla Neekid Grant

Dan Beswick:

Paulus Paulus Gone Wild

Summer Threlkeld:

Aimla Ketra

Connie Persampieri:

Calio Aimla

Timothy Lantz:

Book 2 Cover Rodoss Treddod

Jamie Worthington:

Aimla Calio Tarot & Paulus Hello Wraith Hunter

Meghan Murphy:

Ketra Paulus

Stanton Fink:

Wraith Creature

Lisa Redfern:



Paulus & Aimla

Zoetica Ebb:


Alison McLean:


Julia Lichty:


John Prescott:


Tanya Dubrovsky:




Chadd Keim:

Drekodinn and all related characters Grant Gould