So here’s a quick rundown of the places in Drekodinn. A lot of it will be open to interpretation, so I’ll just point out the basics:


The Etenian Sea – This is an insanely deep body of water that once surrounded the island of Etenia. According to legend, a great battle brought forth the fury of the sea, and the island sank. It is now the most commonly-sailed sea, allowing folks to travel between some of the largest of the civilized cities.

Surya – This is a beautiful, lush, forested land – Green mountains and rich valleys are everywhere. This is also the area that sees the most snow in the winter.

Chronicle – The greatest and largest of the civilized cities, Chronicle is at the tip of the land, featuring towering golden walls to the south and west and docks to the east. Its port can hold nearly one hundred ships and boats of various size and crew, and its military is the largest north of Catava. Though it is neighboring the forests of Surya, there is actually a small strip of field that separated it, and this strip continues southward, growing wider as it goes, and eventually opens into the great golden plains known as GODFIELD. Chronicle is ruled by a council, whose members are elected by chosen members of society (commanders, instructors, etc.) As for how the city looks, its buildings are tall – some now even reaching twenty levels into the sky – and most everything is crafted from black and gold. Black marble, stone, brick – gold-colored paint, actual gold.

Shahar and the Mirrorsand Sea – Though it is surrounded by woods and sea, Shahar is a town settled along the coastline’s rocky shore. It’s a wide, low town, built mostly of rock, and its people are very solitary (though they have come to the aid of Chronicle many times). Native Shaharians have slightly darker skin than the other humans of Drekodinn (possibly a result of the nearby sea) and their eyes are a light green color. The Mirrorsand Sea is very shallow for a mile before it drops into the darkness of open ocean, and its bottom consists of strange, glittering sand – a sand that holds unknown mystical properties. Some don’t believe this, of course – but the truth is, the Mirrorsand Sea has long been a nexus point for the powers of the godlings, and over time the land has begun to radiate with residue power. In any case, the thing most people think of when one mentions Mirrorsand are the Mirrorsand warbeasts. These giant, slow-moving lizards live near the shores of Mirrorsand, and most warm days they wander out into the shallow water to stay cool. The people of Shahar have become masters in taming these reptiles, and when they ride to war, they ride the warbeasts. As you can imagine, giant lizards are quite resistant to physical damage. Their main downfall is their lack of speed.

Allsind – Another one of the larger civilized cities, Allsind is considered one of the “border cities,” meaning it doesn’t hold allegiance to either godling – it’s a neutral place. Allsind is much like a castle, surrounded by dark woods.

Vastor & Adarron – These are two large civilized cities, much like Chronicle – and they’re both port-cities, making access between them (and to Chronicle) fairly simple. They are both well populated and growing, and they’re considered “extensions” of Chronicle. As it were, Chronicle’s ruling council also rules Vastor and Adarron.

Valorr – This is a smaller city, and serves mostly as a base for the Saeyand (the followers of Sen) – it’s where they train and where they report. It’s located at the northern edge of Ganit, which is a vast field (sprinkled with hills and wooded valleys) that reaches down into the sharp mountains that separate Braylia from Ak Norok.

Braylia – This is a smaller city, now more of a “border city” (ie. Neutral), but it used to be the base for the Saeyand. They have since moved northward, into Valorr.

Tassos – This is a rugged, hard-to-travel land. Mountains tear across the north and west, and in winter the winds and blizzards become more than most adventurers can handle. To its north lies the fortress-city of Ak Norok (a closed-off, barbaric place where women are treated as slaves), and far to the south is Lesya, a strip of land so treacherous that no army could ever cross it. The Lowrock Sea pounds Lesya with storms and winds without notice, and jagged hundred-foot cliffs make it all-too-easy to lose your footing and slide into the sea.

The Lowrock Sea – This is a strangely shallow sea – reaching half a mile down at its furthest. It’s also very dangerous in terms of weather. Very few dare sail the waves of this body of water.

Lansor Keep – This old castle-town was once a center of activity in Drekodinn, but following a horrible war, it was left in ruins. It’s now rebuilt, but being as far south as it is, usually only traders and travelers stay there. It’s more of a rest stop than a city. Its clientele have gone from heroes and kings to whores and drunkards.


Catava – This is a long tooth-shaped stretch of rocky, barren, dark land. It neighbors the stormy, violent Demonshore Sea, which glows crimson in the daylight – and it houses Drekoth’s temple, which is hidden beneath the fortress known as Tasida Keep.

Dathic – This is the largest of the Drekothian cities. It is surrounded on all sides by towering black stone walls, and the army there rivals that of Chronicle. Dathic is also home to the high-warlord, a man (or sometimes lich) who is chosen to command all of Drekoth’s forces.

Ro’Dand & Nasnan – These are mostly barren lands. In days past, Dathic’s forces would use these lands as training grounds, but lately the oceanic winds have been growing too fierce and have been covering these lands with constant rain.

Behira – This is a wooded, old area of Drekodinn, and most of its towns (such as Sagara and Bro’Kor) have become Drekothian dwellings. Most of the buildings are wooden – “log cabins” by appearance.

Necia – This land makes the transition from forest (west) to rock (east). Its towns (such as Arkan and Atmond) are small and nordic in nature, and the winters here are fierce. However, it is also home to Fairdock, one of Drekodinn’s largest and most popular locations.

Fairdock – While Chronicle is a larger city, Fairdock has the largest dock area (though it doesn’t see as much sea passage as it did before Vastor and Adarron were around). In short, Fairdock is the trade center, the place where rogues go to steal, where mercenaries go to find work, where runaways go to escape the rules. It’s a mostly neutral city (though the Sen influence is a little stronger).

Wintergaard – The Wintergaard Sea is a tough sea – if one stays along the coast (as many so when going to or leaving Fairdock) they’re usually fine. But to venture into the heart of Wintergaard often spells disaster. Rumors and stories grow by the century. Some speak of necromancers who live on the isles, some speak of white dragons and creatures far worse.