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Frequently Asked Questions:

What the heck is
This site is a gathering place for official Star Wars artists and is meant to be a helpful resource for fans who would like to keep up with recent projects, convention appearances, artists' websites, and much more.

What makes the artists on this site official Star Wars artists?
All of the artists listed on this site have worked professionally for Lucasfilm or on an officially licensed Star Wars product.

How do I become an official Star Wars artist?
If you haven't worked professionally for Lucasfilm or on an officially licensed Star Wars product, there's nothing or the folks who run this place can do to help you. All we can give is advice: Get your name out there, further yourself as an artist, start up an art blog, talk to the pros at conventions, join a few online art communities, submit some fan art to These are all great ways to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to "apply" to become an official Star Wars artist -- you just have to work hard and try to get noticed. ( recently posted an article about getting noticed.
Check it out here!)

I'm an official Star Wars artist. How do I get my name and website added to this site?
If you're an official Star Wars artist (ie. you've done artwork for Lucasfilm or on any officially licensed Star Wars product) and would like to be listed on this site, please contact either Grant or Terri
. We'd love to hear from you, and we'll get you added to the site ASAP. :) Remember to tell us what your website is, what you've worked on, and what year you first did work for Lucasfilm.

How can I find information on an artist who isn't listed on this site?
You're on your own, I'm afraid. I would recommend Googling their name.

Is it okay for me to contact the artists? How can I get their e-mail addresses?
It depends on the individual artist. The people running this website won't give out any e-mail addresses, but if you visit the artists' websites you'll see that most of them can be easily contacted. Just head to their website and look around. If you can't find an e-mail address or a "contact" option, then they're probably not available at that time.

What's the "Spotlight" section all about?
We thought it'd be fun to interview the artists, so we started up the "Spotlight" section. The wonderful Terri Hodges is our interviewer and she's going to choose a new artist every few weeks, ask some questions, talk about new projects, etc.