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Celebration III: The Artists
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The fans are lining up! (photo 1)
The fans are lining up! (photo 2)
Setting up: Joe Corroney's table
Setting up: Chris Trevas' table
Setting up: Cat Staggs' table
Some of the artists pose with the Fetts*
Tom Hodges with Artoo*
The C3 artists pose for a group shot*
Group shot of the artists**
Adam Hughes***
Jeff Chandler***
Randy Martinez (and the AH! duo in back)***
Monte Moore (in costume)****
Adam Hughes & Allison Sohn*****
Brent Woodside & Chelsea Gallion*****
Brian Rood*****
Cat Staggs*****
Chris Trevas*****
Clark Mitchell*****
Cynthia Cummens*****
Jan Duursema*****
Jason Palmer*****
Jeff Chandler & his wife*****
Jerry Vanderstelt*****
Joe Corroney*****
Ken Steacy*****
Randy Martinez*****
Russell Walks*****
Steve Anderson*****
Tommy Lee Edwards*****
Tsuneo Sanda*****
Elvis Trooper and Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson at his booth

*Photo courtesy of Terri Hodges
**Photo courtesy of Cat Staggs
***Photo courtesy of Jeff Chandler
****Photo courtesy of Monte Moore
*****Photo courtesy of Ian Narcisi

Many more Celebration III photos can be found over at, and of course Huge thanks to those sites for providing such great coverage, and thanks to the individuals who contributed images to this page!