Hey, folks! I'm taking commissions again, but instead of putting a generic price list here on my site, I'm going to ask that you e-mail me (grantgould at with the following information, and then I'll get back to you promptly with a price quote.

1) Which character(s) do you want drawn?
2) Do you want anything specific in the background?
(Backgrounds cost extra)
3) Do you want black & white (just pencil & ink) or color?
4) If you want color, do you want it hand-colored (markers) or digitally-colored (Photoshop)?
5) What size do you want the final piece to be?
6) Is the art for your personal use, or is it going to be used in a publication, used on a website, etc.?
7) When do you need it by?
(Standard NONrush turn-around time is 3 months)

Please note: If you decide to go forward with the commission after I send you a quote, payment is required up front. I accept Paypal, personal checks and money orders.